career-coachingCareer Coaching

We hold one-on-one coaching sessions with students to support them set goals and make decisions to move ahead in their lives and careers.




Capacity-BuildingCapacity Building

We hold varied training programs to enable our students become self-aware and develop the skills valued in industry.




Employability Skills: While at the University we build the capacity of our students in the varied categories of skills employers value.

Self-exploration and awareness:  With tested tools, we support students to explore their values, personality, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations and to use such information to guide decision making regarding their career.

Customer Service
Businesses thrive when customers are delighted, loyal and ambassadors of the brand. We prepare our students to understand the needs of the customer and to acquire the skills required to delight customers.

internshipInternship and national service placement

We collaborate with industry to place students in internship positions so they can gain hands-on experience. We also place students in national service positions and management trainee programs in organizations across the country


Job PlacementJob Placement

We liaise with employers and industry stakeholders with the aim of supporting alumni to secure jobs congruent with their area of study.